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Home Staging – What does this really mean and how do I benefit from it?

It is basically about upgrading your property for sale. The goal of home staging is to shorten the marketing period and increase the sales price. The rooms are professionally prepared to give the property more presence and aesthetics. This gives prospective buyers the opportunity to identify with the property and feel directly “at home”.

At Riverview, we act on the following criteria for success in home staging:

More identification of prospective buyers through depersonalization.

Personal objects and pieces of furniture are removed

The property is given a neutral character, which makes it easier for prospective buyers to identify with it and favors the purchase decision

● Upgrading through design and aesthetics.

Properties in good conditions generate greater interest and ultimately generate higher revenues

For optimal staging, design and aesthetic rules are followed to showcase the property in the best possible way

Your advantages:

up to 15% higher price

up to three months faster sale

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Virtual Staging - The innovative alternative to home staging

With the digital solution of home staging -virtual staging- some disadvantages of classic home staging are solved: lower costs, shortened implementation time and increased flexibility with regard to the different furnishing styles. 

In order to give potential buyers a comprehensive first impression of your property and to present the property as attractively as possible with reduced effort, this digital option is the tool of choice. 

How does virtual home staging work?

Based on the floor plans and with the help of special software, our design team creates a digital twin of your property. An infinite number of digital furniture pieces are available. You can choose between different furnishing styles and our design team will create a high-quality 3D visualization of your property within a few days. You don’t like single parts of the furnishing or you have change requests? No problem. Changes to furnishings, flooring and color schemes can be implemented quickly and with low lead time.

Even properties still under construction or in need of renovation can be visualized and thus marketed in an appealing way. 

Here are the advantages at a glance:

lower costs and faster implementation time.

If necessary, changes can be made to the room layout without actively intervening in the building fabric

Requests for changes or different furnishing styles can be made quickly and easily

360° Viewings

When selling your property, it is particularly important to consider the location. The need for an on-site visit is rendered obsolete by digital technologies. In combination with virtual staging, a unique buying experience is created for the prospective buyer. The prospective buyer of a property can move through the staged rooms online and thus quickly gain an impression of them. In this way, it is also possible to convey whether a room offers enough space for a wall unit or a large bed.

As a result of the digital preview, false expectations are reduced and only buyers with actual interest will have an on-site visit.

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