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Especially in times of high inflation, the topic of “protecting assets” is all the more important. Real assets offer stability of value and at the same time Possibility of sustainable wealth accumulation.
Especially in times of high inflation, the topic of “protecting assets” is all the more important. Real assets offer a stable value and at the same time the possibility of a sustainable accumulation of wealth.

real estate asset classes

Just as individual as the possibilities of investing in real estate is your personal goal behind it. Is it about asset protection against inflation, active asset accumulation, or retirement planning through rental income as an additional source of income? Let our team of experts talk to you about exactly these topics and design an individual plan. If you search on your own, you will only find exciting investment properties with interesting returns in exceptional cases. The profitable offers are quickly sold out, or usually do not reach the public at all. It is precisely for this reason that we offer our off-market properties to selected customers, which cannot be found on the Internet, nor are accessible to everyone.Thanks to our large network, we enable private investors to make profitable investments in real estate and support in every situation through the whole process. True to the motto: “You invest, we take care of the rest!”
Here you get an overview of the
best-known asset classes
Here is an overview of the most popular asset classes
Each real estate asset class pays off differently and is not suitable for everyone. On the next pages we will show you the differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each class.
Each real estate asset class pays off differently and is not suitable for everyone. On the following pages we will show you the differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each class.


“Each real estate asset class brings with it far-reaching differences and implications. To illustrate this, we have recorded the essential points to form a rough comparison. However, since several criteria can also differ within the individual asset classes, the extent of the respective advantages and disadvantages also varies accordingly. It is therefore important to look at each property individually and to weigh it up against your personal situation. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you in a non-binding initial meeting to determine your goals and wishes.”

existing properties




With predefined parameters and calculable monthly income and expenses, real estate enables a precise roadmap for the future. We can already talk to you today about the profitability of the property over the next few years, simulate any scenario with you and show it to you.


The profitability of a property is not only measured by the return, there is no doubt that a return and a positive cash flow are attractive things. However, other factors such as the financing structure, the location of the property, satisfied tenants and the condition of the property are decisive in order to create a perfect balance of security and profitability in the long term.

tax benefits

In a high-tax country like Germany, it is probably everyone’s need to keep their own tax burden as low as possible. This is also possible with a property used by third parties, which is why listed properties are an attractive means of achieving this goal due to the high renovation depreciation. Of course, other asset classes can also bring certain tax benefits.

Monthly charge

It is perfectly legitimate to want to keep the monthly burden as low as possible. However, a burden should not always be viewed negatively, ultimately a higher repayment is not a “burden”, but increases the remaining debt of the loan many times over and speeds it up. At the same time, the amount of equity capital and personal financing conditions have a major impact on the monthly burden.

administrative burden

A property is used regularly and this of course also results in administrative activities, such as the utility bills have to be prepared for the tenant, an owners’ meeting is convened or possibly a new rental after the old tenant has moved out. Property management companies take on the entire administrative burden and relieve owners of this.


The maintenance of a property is part of it, because it is at best permanently inhabited and used. How high the expenses for this are, of course, depends very much on the general condition and also on the renovation measures that have already been carried out. A new-build property offers an enormous advantage in this respect, because the entire building is state-of-the-art and often offers a multi-year warranty from the developer.


In addition to the asset class, the ability to finance it largely depends on the creditworthiness of the investor. An individual check is essential, as this is the only way to make a concrete statement about “suitable” asset classes and the necessary equity investment.

use of equity

In general, the more equity there is, the better the financing terms. However, from an investor’s point of view, it is not always advisable to use and thus tie up as much equity as possible. The investor should bring at least the additional purchase costs as equity. With sufficient creditworthiness, the possibility of 100% financing can be examined. Financing conditions can vary depending on the asset class, creditworthiness and age of the investor.


Real estate is a medium to long-term investment, so you should be aware of the timeframe you want to invest in and consider which asset class is right for you. However, real estate investments also offer different options in terms of flexibility, such as raising capital, collateral or the options for the respective use of the property.


Due to the steadily increasing lack of living space, the demand for real estate is also increasing proportionately. Likewise, one cannot rule out an even greater increase in demand due to the positive performance in the real estate sector, since the company is becoming more and more aware that real estate as a capital investment is a high-yield and relatively low-risk investment. However, as there are only limited offers on the market, we can help you through a variety of off-market properties.

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