Invest worry-free and stable in value with new build real estate

State-of-the-art and just the way you want it. New buildings are professionally planned and built – according to the requirements of today’s tenants. Depending on the planning progress, you can also influence the construction and optimize it for you.

Your advantages for new build properties

Unlike existing properties, you buy state-of-the-art buildings with low maintenance costs and can often influence the design.

Highlights: “high quality substance”, “top locations”, “high rental income”, “low maintenance costs”

Up to date

New construction properties are planned and built according to the most modern construction standards. According to the current state of knowledge, they are ideally designed and aligned for the respective purpose of use. The investor always benefits from the current level of knowledge and thus has an investment that is perfectly geared towards the future. The technology in new build properties is usually state-of-the-art, i.e. insulation, windows, heating systems, floors and walls, built-in electrics and building services are usually brand new and therefore do not have to be renewed in the long term. Of course, this also increases the rentability of the new building. In most cases, these are ideally aimed at all potential groups of residents and at the same time also increase the target group of tenants. The risk of loss of rent is correspondingly lower due to the larger customer base and all the conveniences of modern technology. At the same time, of course, the rent that can be achieved also increases, since a larger target group automatically leads to more demand, which in turn has a positive effect on the achievable price. This increases the security for the investor.

Advantages of new construction properties

The problem? A low old-age pension.

The solution? A paid-off property.

Once your property is paid off, it will continue to generate monthly rental income for you. Contrary to this, however, fall
no more interest or repayment expenses. The result of this is a lifelong monthly real estate pension.

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