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We transform your property into an attractive and comfortable place.

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A private photo & Videographer ensures memorable and meaningful recordings. Professional images and videos to impressive drone shots

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Highest rankings on all relevant platforms so that potential buyers are immediately aware of your property.

professional network

Our network includes more than 1000+ listed buyers to guarantee and discreetly find a buyer.

Real estate sales rethought


We are your contact when it comes to preparing real estate digitally and transforming it into a unique sales experience. With our high quality standards, we not only ensure faster sales results, but also make it possible to achieve higher sales values.

our team

Michael Zlotnikov, CEO and entrepreneur from the heart. Always up to date in all financial and real estate topics for seven years now and at the same time a born networker.

In addition to his work as managing director of Riverview Property GmbH, he is also a co-founder of two other companies, namely Innova Konzept GmbH and Grundriss Wohnbau GmbH.

His focus is particularly in the areas of strategy and marketing planning, project development and investor support.

In the last 7 years he has already accompanied numerous customers on their way to their property, but also supervised and developed larger projects.

With Riverview Property GmbH, he would like to create a unique experience for everyone involved in the real estate business in combination with new marketing strategies and achieve the best possible, time-saving goals.

Michael Zlotnikov


As managing director and founder of Innova Konzept GmbH, I would like to give people in Germany access to and understanding of long-term wealth accumulation. The vision of an independent financial law firm, in which our clients are advised by various strategy consultants according to their expertise, has always been deeply rooted in me. Riverview Property GmbH serves as the perfect complement and expert at our side. Thanks to the latest technologies and many years of experience in the real estate segment, the buying experience of our clients is unforgettable thanks to Riverview Property GmbH. That’s why I’m very proud to be part of the whole and to be able to support the company with my sales and strategic commitment.

Stefan Radu

Managing Director

Soufiane Aboutaleb, a consultant through and through. His many years of experience in the financial world combined with his uniquely positive manner gives him the competence to be your central contact in complex cases.

At the same time, he supports the company as Head of Sales and is the central interface between seller and buyer.

It is particularly important to him to present the process as simply and efficiently as possible. This is intended to ensure that both parties run smoothly and at the same time achieve unique and inspiring support.

Soufiane Aboutaleb

Head of Sales

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