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frequently asked Questions

With just a few entries, we use artificial intelligence to determine an up-to-date valuation by analyzing thousands of data every day.
Through the information you provide in our form and the use of artificial intelligence, our system determines a real estate value that has taken place on the basis of previous real estate transactions with similar parameters and locations. This provides a result that is as transparent as possible for you.
Within 30 minutes you will receive your individual online evaluation by e-mail and one of our experts will then be available to you.
Our online real estate appraisal is free of charge for you, with other real estate agents you will be happy to pay 4-digit amounts for it.
Yesin! An expert can assess the condition of the property better and more precisely by directly inspecting the property on site. However, from our experience it can be said that our assessment is very close to the assessment of experts if no circumstances unknown to us or damage were unknown.
A broker’s commission is only due after we have provided our service and the property has been notarized. This eliminates any risk for you and you will not incur any costs in advance.
Since the broker commission reform in 2020, the 50/50 rule between buyer and seller has been regular. This means that both of them share 50 percent of the commission due. In exceptional cases, such as sale of land, apartment buildings and However, there are other options for commercial real estate.
In principle, you can commission several brokers at the same time if the contract allows it. However, having several brokers active at the same time can lead to distrust among prospective buyers and cause insecurities. This is often known from properties that are very difficult to market.
Suppose you are purchasing a townhouse through a real estate agent for 300,000 euros. For this purpose, the buyer incurs so-called ancillary purchase costs, such as land transfer tax, notary fees and brokerage commission. For this example, we assume a brokerage commission for the buyer of 3.57 percent. The brokerage fee therefore amounts to 10,710 euros for the buyer, plus the regular additional purchase costs such as real estate transfer tax and notary.
The so-called “speculation period” states that profits are taxable within the first 10 years of acquiring the property. The data on the notarial deeds are decisive for this. For a tax-free sale, you must have owned the property for at least 10 years. An earlier option for a tax-free sale is only possible if the property was used exclusively and demonstrably in the year of sale and the two previous years.
Thanks to our many years of experience in the real estate industry, we have already been tried and tested many times and have already accompanied over a hundred notarizations. We understand how to assess both the buyer and the seller’s needs and combine both components through a very efficient, digital and, above all, uncomplicated process to create a beautiful experience for everyone involved.

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